charlotte got that patti smith look going in that video (a biopic, anyone?). i prefer her as an actress, anyway. "melancholia" is dope.

you don't need to be a nerd to appreciate this.

aux états-unis tout va et rien ne va. à houston, le 30 août vient d'être déclaré "bun b day". pour ce qui ne connaissent pas bun b, c'est la moitié du groupe ugk, connu pour être l'un des vétérans du gangsta rap au texas. le rappeur a reçu l'honneur ultime en remerciement pour son engagement dans les ghettos de sa ville natale. pas sûr que tout ça vaille un jour férié, mais bref. est-ce que ce ne serait pas plutôt une tentative mesquine de la part de la maire (annise parker, à g.) de se fourrer l'électorat black dans sa poche au moment crucial (l'élection a lieu le 8 novembre)? autant d'affection pour un rappeur me parait très suspecte dans un état connu pour pas être très tendre envers les noirs.

i wasn't TOTALLY convinced by that first blakroc record. i mean the sound was there, some collabos were well thought of, but somehow the songs didn't stick in my mind. so, here dame dash and the black keys try to get it right with this second installment. i cringe already while reading the guestlist, though: kweli has been a pain in the ass ever since jay-z bigged him up on a record, u-god is the weakest link in wu-tang, jay elec's talent is way overestimated and cool kids are plain boring to me. having said that, i still believe that the keys can deliver the goods, so we'll just sit and wait.


these are sick. the price, even sicker. 1250 euros at hunting and collecting.


redneck art... plus solide que l'ennui! pour plus de chefs-d'oeuvre, prière de cliquer ici.


don't sleep on this guy right here. robin hannibal has had my utmost respect ever since dropping that owusu & hannibal lp. to me, that record is a classic. a perfect cross between sa-ra, prefuse 73, jose gonzalez and metro area. later on, came his many collabos, ending up teaming with boom clap bachelors songstress coco to form quadron. hannibal is dropping his solo EP "bobby" on sept 6th on plug research (bilal, shafiq husayn). this podcast serves as a sweet little portfolio and introduction to his beautiful madness.

Robin Hannibal - Plug Research Podcast #12 by Plug Research

aretha franklin live in amsterdam 1968.
hermès silk scarve x kongo graffiti.


go youngins!

a doc about hip-hop in the nineties and things like that.

ils ont du bien se marrer lors du tournage...


great cover for a wack song.

best actress ever.

heller's cafe is a new brand that specialises in replicas of vintage american sportswear. extra care has been given to "off" stitching, wash and colourfading to really nail that "worn look", so this makes it a favourite among japanese customers. prices are exagerated as you can imagine and it's superhard to get your hands on these limited editions (as you can imagine). with that being said, extrabold carries some real vintage varcity jackets with prices ranging from 40 to 60 euros. if you're short and skinny, this might be the perfect deal for you.


i know this is a collabo made in hipster heaven, but still me likes it, ok? you can bet this will be on my next mixtape.

always liked that pic...

go 3000!

généralement, j'aime bien les huis clos au cinéma. ça force les acteurs à sortir le grand jeu. pour "carnage", roman polanski réunit quatre poids lourds (john c. reilly, jodie foster, christoph waltz et kate winslet) et les enferme au salon pour ce film vaudevillesque.


wesc produces some of its footwear in italy, which is great news for all those that are looking for an alternative to the exploitative asia made sneakers. now, let's just hope that the designs will look good, too.

The Making Of WeSC Footwear from Highsnobiety on Vimeo.

lauryn hill looks tired.

yo, 45 minutes de son joyeux. que du bon. enjoy.


1. Active Child - Playing House Ft. How To Dress Well [Audio Stream] (3:21) 2. The Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love It Takes Time To Be A MAn (3:53) 3. Stevie Nicks - Wild Heart (2:31) 4. Bibio - Wake Up! (2:39) 5. Jai Paul - BTSTU (2:34) 6. Fatima - Mind (street video) (4:33) 7. Corinne Bailey Rae - I'd Do It All Again (official video) (3:13) 8. Dirty Projectors - My Offwhite Flag (3:04) 9. Stereolab - Come Play In The Milky Night (3:32) 10. Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine(1:45) 11. Little Dragon - Little Man (1:40) 12. Jeremiah Jae - Money Huggers (2:01) 13. Samiyam - Moon Shoes (2:26) 14. Onra - Sitting Back - Official video (3:12) 15. Madlib - Blunt Break (1:04)


some of my favourite pieces from the new supreme collection for winter/fall. classy yet rugged.

this guy's selection is serious.

Embedded from SpineTV Find out more at SpineTV

Guest Mix - Diddy Wah

Guest Mix Vol. 20 comes courtesy of 45 vinyl connoisseur Diddy Wah. Mr. Wah takes us back to the 50s and 60s with a faultless selection of West Coast rock'n'roll and R'n'B that will leave you eager to get up and dance!


with all the hype around bike culture, this film is a must-see.

it's official. "cats & dogs" coming on sept 27.

here the link to dl the sampler.
ha! sick.

respect the architect!

new futura 2000 wall, somewhere in brooklyn.$



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