for those that can't hold it any longer! "metals" is out october 4.

you wouldn't catch prude-ish me in one of these, but like they say, ain't no shape more mesmerizing than that of the female body.

shirts by freshjive


great opening scene, mai léiwe jong. hype williams at his best.

Belly Intro DMX NAS robbery - (bande anonce) par wk_473
je veux devenir blanc quand je serai grand.


this is powerful.

short doc narrated by ice-t where he speaks of the connection between crack and rap.

à tous ceux qui aiment leur RnB bien vaporeuse et moite (the weeknd, frank ocean...), checkez cette courte mais savoureuse tape de reneedion.



just two girls wearing some dope shoes.


the cast alone made me smile (swinton, reilly). tonight only, at utopia.


haha. this looks like fun. starring james woods and debbie harry.

GOLDEN GREEN is such a cool and heroic colour.
dope clip introducing new japanese brand cav empt. you don't see much, but the vibe is there.

C.E 2012 SS - D Double E from c.e on Vimeo.

to me "light the way" is one of the dopest house tracks to come out this year. little did i know that the group actually sampled sun ra.

a pity the arkestra gig got cancelled.


granddandy swag.
sans vouloir faire l'apologie du rap français (une musique fade depuis que time bomb a implosé), je dis juste que s'il y avait plus de morceaux de cet acabit, je pourrais considérer reviser mes propos.


a collabo that makes sense: supreme x levi's.
did this tape for my birthday. hope you'll like it.

Tape tracklist:

1. Sade - Love Is Stronger Than Pride (2:11)
2. James Blake & Bon Iver - Fall Creek Boys Choir (3:09)
3. Steve Spacek - Dollar (2:14)
4. Africa Hitech - Light The Way (2:04)
5. Björk - Crystalline (3:49)
6. Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX - The Crutch (1:06)
7. Cults - Go Outside (2:39)
8. Quadron - Samba de Verão (0:54)
9. Marcos Valle - Samba de Verão (1:08)
10. DEVO - Satisfaction (2:21)
11. June Tyson - Astro Black (1:48)
12. Blu - My Sunshine (feat. Nia Andrews) (3:14)
13. Mos Def - Priority (1:22)
14. Joni Mitchell- The Hissing of Summer Lawns (2:41)
15. Feist - How Come You Never Go There (2:23)
16. Thundercat - Return To The Journey (1:45)
17. France Gall - Musique (2:57)
18. Sinclair - Ensemble (1:10)
19. Chic - Savoir Faire (1:05)
20. Imagination - Body Talk (2:03)
21. Neneh Cherry - Manchild (1:51)
22. Hudson Mohawke- All Your Love (1:15)


fash is a beast on the mic. love that lazy flow.

lean house = de la house ralentie à 108 bpm pour plus de groove.
RIP dj screw.
Boston Bun Presents LEAN HOUSE MIXTAPE vol. 1 by Boston Bun


the homey cone comes correct on the artwork for this snippet tape by austrian producer brenk sinatra. his lp to come is entitled "gumbo 2: pretty ugly" and will be out on melting pot music september 23.

real talk by tame one, one half of that's them aka the artifacts.

Tame One from Wax Poetics on Vimeo.

the cure to hipstamatic and instagram overdose.


new print by insa.

W W W . I N S A L A N D . C O M
great, great video by one of my favorite emcees. he deserves to win.



cover artwork for that new justice record is tight, don't know about the single, though. nice reference to the duo´s trademark garment.


je ne vais pas aux défilés de mode. j'observe les vieux durant leurs hobbies. par peur de se salir, ils portent de vieilles fringues aka du VRAI vintage. et ça des fois de la tête aux pieds. je devrais lancer un blog rien que sur ça. #granddandy


my man taipan en battle contre deen burbigo. ce fut très chaud. en gros, deen l'a emporté juste parce qu'il a déjà plusieurs rapcontenders derrière lui, donc, il était plus à l'aise avec le public et lui-même. pas sûr que ce soit un meilleur rappeur, pour autant.


jamie xx mixe pour l'essentiel.

amongst many highlights, that james ehh, ifan dafyyd joint sticks out.

Jamie xx Essential Mix by Young Turks


Orbital - Belfast
Phanes - Lucky Woman
Ifan Dafydd - No Good
Harvey Mandel - Christo Redentor
Koreless - Lost in Tokyo
Floating Points - Sais
Wiley - Colder (Instrumental)
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Untitled
Pärson Sound - Untitled
DJ Deeon - Fine Hoes
Luke Vibert - Analord
New Look - Janet
John Tejada - Unstable Condition
Univac - Untitled (Track 1)
Aardvarck - Nosestep (Original Mix)
Jean Jacques Smoothie - 2 People
Instra:mental - Pyramid
Grimm Limbo - Fortune Favours the Brave
R A G - Rage (Spaventi &Aroy Raw Mix)
Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face
Jamie xx - Far Nearer (Bootleg)
Axel Boman - Purple Drank
Loosse - About You (feat. Yolanda)
Anette Party - Moreno (feat. Anita Coke)
Gino Soccio - Dancer
Mr Beatnick - Synthetes
Funke, Sacha vs Nina Kraviz - Moses (Stimming Remix)
Jamie xx &Gil Scott Heron - I'll Take Care of U (Special DJ Version)
Genius of Time - Houston We Have a Problem
Austin Eterno/The xx - I Remember Shelter
James Blake - Libra (Edit)
Pangaea - Bear Witness
Holly Miranda - Slow Burn Treason
Peter Horrevorts - Siren
Chuck Roberts - My House (Acappella)
Virgo Four - Do You Know Who You Are?
Morning Factory - Diane's Love
Karen Pollack - You Can't Touch Me (Roc &Kato Vocal Beat Trip Mix)
War - The World Is A Ghetto (Special Disco Mix)
Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Mix)
Radiohead - Bloom (Jamie xx Rework)
103 and she still got swaaaaggg. listen!
me likes. some mixtape muzik.

i was sleeping SO much on esperanza spalding. to me, she just seemed like a cute chick who played jazz who knew that she was cute AND played jazz, so that made her EXTRA cool because she possessed beauty AND depth which didn't make her shallow like ALL the rest. i think i heard one of her tunes on taratata or jools holland. wasn't blown away, it was some hyped up starbucks jazz like roy hargrove or robert glasper stuff. you know the type of artists that get bigged up by ahmir from the roots just to be forgotten the next day. just cool, not great. she even won a few grammies, which to me only confirmed the "afro'ed norah jones" image i had carved in my mind. obviously, after seeing this short vid i was proven wrong. she does have genuine wit. i listened to some more stuff last night. some of it is A+ material, other tunes made me snore. all in all, if i could collect all of the good tunes contained on each of her albums (she's done 5, the 6th is cooking), i guess i could get a nice 2-cd type of anthology. my apoligies, mrs. spalding.

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