i was sleeping SO much on esperanza spalding. to me, she just seemed like a cute chick who played jazz who knew that she was cute AND played jazz, so that made her EXTRA cool because she possessed beauty AND depth which didn't make her shallow like ALL the rest. i think i heard one of her tunes on taratata or jools holland. wasn't blown away, it was some hyped up starbucks jazz like roy hargrove or robert glasper stuff. you know the type of artists that get bigged up by ahmir from the roots just to be forgotten the next day. just cool, not great. she even won a few grammies, which to me only confirmed the "afro'ed norah jones" image i had carved in my mind. obviously, after seeing this short vid i was proven wrong. she does have genuine wit. i listened to some more stuff last night. some of it is A+ material, other tunes made me snore. all in all, if i could collect all of the good tunes contained on each of her albums (she's done 5, the 6th is cooking), i guess i could get a nice 2-cd type of anthology. my apoligies, mrs. spalding.

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