this one's a smoove one by miss dj moxie. buttery house beats on top of juicy r&b cuts. press play. enjoy.

Lovebox Jukebox #1 - Moxie by Lovebox Official
1. Dirg Gerner- My Queen (Ho Tep)
2. Rayko Em Vee- Broadway (Lumberjacks In Hell)
3. Sister S- Living Ecstasy (Boots R Us)
4. Fernando- Non Stop (Under The Shade)
5. Behling & Simpson- Left Behind (Future Boogie)
6. Tiger & Woods- Deflowered (Running Back)
7. Axel Boman- Paris 2006 feat. Kornel Kovacs (Play It Down)
8. Oliver $- Granulated Soul (Play It Down)
9. David Glass- Get Busy (Crossworld records)
10. Solid Groove- Throwing Stones (Dubsided)
11. GoldFFinch- Ovale (Numbers)
12. KC Flight- Planet E (Eskimo Recordings)
13. Derrick Carter- Legacy (Dub)
14. Storm Queen- It Goes On (Environ)
15. Wolf & Lamb- Keep Me Up All Night (Dancing) (Wolf & Lamb)
16. Grace Jones- Private Life (Island Records)


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